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Blog Post. Time: Outside of the outdated notions of Carnegie units that are affecting innovations in the American online colleges a rant for another time , the notion of time is open. Students who "don't get" something the first time through have the time and freedom to go back and reflect as many times as possible.

As such, I strove to make materials clear, easily printable for those students who learn better when they highlight, and with added supplements both on and off the LMS. The addition of the Ning site for ENH gives students an added way to reach me.

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They can post on my wall, see when I'm online, and basically not have to rely solely on email for contact. Geography: Rio Salado has students in many states, and ENH is being offered as a course elective option for GoArmyEd, meaning that there may be students who are studying while on active military duty. Geography works in an additionally freeing manner, opening the door to other scholars and even other students to join relevant discussions.

For example, I am working with comic artist Jessica Abel the author of one of ENH's primary texts, La Perdida to deliver a live, but online, lecture. This will be open to anyone who wants to attend on site where they can watch on the big screen and ask questions live or anyone who wants to tune in online.

Another technique will be using VoiceThread to host sharable lectures. I might be an expert on representing historcity in Seth's comics, but my colleague out in Pennsylvania who also has a course on comics is an expert on Superman. The classroom can go global.

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Unlimited engagements : Lecturing, showing a film, playing a podcast, and providing a tactile activity for key learning objectives can happen in a traditional classroom, but can take a lot of time. For the key learning objectives in ENH, I used universal learning design to allow multiple pathways to practice the central concepts. Podcasts, voicethread lectures, games, and other activities enhance the content of the class.

The Ning site will allow me to expand these offerings without upsetting the course lifecycle. I should note that Rio Salado uses a very intensive course design process as each set of online materials remains the same and consistent for all sections of the course. This is essential because of our open-entry model and because of the technologies we have in place for student success, but also added a challenge for me. The French government sent aircraft to Republican forces in Spain, but they were obsolete by the standards of They were mainly Potez bombers and Dewoitine D.

The slow Potez rarely survived three months of air missions, flying at knots against enemy fighters flying at more than knots. Few of the fighters proved to be airworthy, and they were delivered intentionally without guns or gunsights. The Ministry of Defense of France had feared that modern types of planes would easily be captured by the German Condor Legion fighting with General Francisco Franco , and the lesser models were a way of maintaining official "neutrality".

The Republic circulated photos of Malraux standing next to some Potez bombers suggesting that France was on their side, at a time when France and the United Kingdom had declared official neutrality. But Malraux's commitment to the Republicans was personal, like that of many other foreign volunteers, and there was never any suggestion that he was there at the behest of the French Government. Acutely aware of the Republicans' inferior armaments, of which outdated aircraft were just one example, he toured the United States to raise funds for the cause.

Malraux's participation in major historical events such as the Spanish Civil War inevitably brought him determined adversaries as well as strong supporters, and the resulting polarization of opinion has colored, and rendered questionable, much that has been written about his life. In any case, Malraux's participation in events such as the Spanish Civil War has tended to distract attention from his important literary achievement. As a result, his literary works, including his important works on the theory of art, have received less attention than one might expect, especially in Anglophone countries.

He was captured in during the Battle of France but escaped and later joined the French Resistance. Otto Abetz was the German Ambassador, and produced a series of "black lists" of authors forbidden to be read, circulated or sold in Nazi occupied France. These included anything written by a Jew, a communist, an Anglo-Saxon or anyone else who was anti-Germanic or anti-fascist. After Dordogne was liberated, Malraux led a battalion of former resistance fighters to Alsace-Lorraine , where they fought alongside the First Army.

During the war, he worked on his last novel, The Struggle with the Angel , the title drawn from the story of the Biblical Jacob.

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The manuscript was destroyed by the Gestapo after his capture in A surviving first section, titled The Walnut Trees of Altenburg , was published after the war. Soon after, he completed his first book on art, The Psychology of Art , published in three volumes — The work was subsequently revised and republished in one volume as The Voices of Silence Les Voix du Silence , the first part of which has been published separately as The Museum without Walls. Other important works on the theory of art were to follow. These included the three-volume Metamorphosis of the Gods and Precarious Man and Literature , the latter published posthumously in In , Malraux married a second time, to Marie-Madeleine Lioux , a concert pianist and the widow of his half-brother, Roland Malraux.

They separated in Vilmorin was best known as a writer of delicate but mordant tales, often set in aristocratic or artistic milieu. Her most famous novel was Madame de Her letters to Jean Cocteau were published after the death of both correspondents. After Louise's death, Malraux spent his final years with her relative, Sophie de Vilmorin. In , Malraux published the first volume of his trilogy on art entitled The Metamorphosis of the Gods. The second two volumes not yet translated into English were published shortly before he died in Malraux also initiated the series Arts of Mankind , an ambitious survey of world art that generated more than thirty large, illustrated volumes.

Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German : Vol 44 , No 2

When de Gaulle returned to the French presidency in , Malraux became France's first Minister of Cultural Affairs , a post he held from to Malraux was an outspoken supporter of the Bangladesh liberation movement during the Pakistani Civil War and despite his age seriously considered joining the struggle. When Indira Gandhi came to Paris in November , there was extensive discussion between them about the situation in Bangladesh. A later volume in the series, Lazarus , is a reflection on death occasioned by his experiences during a serious illness.

He was a heavy smoker and had cancer [1]. Malraux's works on the theory of art contain a revolutionary approach to art that challenges the Enlightenment tradition that treats art simply as a source of "aesthetic pleasure".

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A particularly important aspect of Malraux's thinking about art is his explanation of the capacity of art to transcend time. In contrast to the traditional notion that art endures because it is timeless "eternal" , Malraux argues that art lives on through metamorphosis — a process of resuscitation where the work had fallen into obscurity and transformation in meaning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Retrieved on 1 August The Economist. Retrieved 25 October