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We Americans take considerable stock in old man Quixote. Bit of a wild-cat--but we don't laugh at him.

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He is dead. Dead as a sheep. A good thing, too.

Six Short Plays eBook

In America we have still quite an amount of chivalry. Chivalry is nothing 'sentimentalisch'. In modern days--no good. A man must push, he must pull. So you say. But I judge your form of chivalry is sacrifice to the state. We allow more freedom to the individual soul. Where there's something little and weak, we feel it kind of noble to give up to it.

That way we feel elevated. He peers in anxiously. Dear me! Is there room? I can't find a seat. There's a seat for one. Come right in! Where's the mother? That would appear to be quite a domestic incident. And that paper and the one opposite are seen to shake, and little sguirls and squeaks emerge. And you haf got her bundle, and her baby. I guess Providence has played it pretty low down on you. It's sure acted real mean. His wistful glance renews the fore of merriment wherever it alights. Maybe you'd better get off right smart and restore that baby.

There's nothing can act madder than a mother. Poor thing, yes!

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What she must be suffering! We got there just as the train was going to start; and I jumped, thinking I could help her up. But it moved too quickly, and--and left her. Guess I'd have thrown the baby out to her. I was afraid the poor little thing might break.

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What kind of an old baby is it, anyway? Afraid I've hardly looked at it yet. Which end up is it? I think the right end. Yes, yes, it is. Well, that's something. Maybe you should hold it out of window a bit. Very excitable things, babies! You are right, ma'am.

I opine there's a draught out there. This baby is precious. We've all of us got stock in this baby in a manner of speaking. This is a little bit of universal brotherhood.

Is it a woman baby? I--I can only see the top of its head. You can't always tell from that. It looks kind of over-wrapped up. Maybe it had better be unbound. I think you are very likely right, colonel. It might be a pity to unbind that baby. I guess the lady should be consulted in this matter. Yes, yes, of course! Little beggar seems all right. That would seem only known to Providence at this moment.

I judge it might be due to humanity to look at its face.

There, there--nice little thing--there! I would surmise in your leisure moments you have created babies, sir? Demonstrates what a hold the little and weak have upon us nowadays.

Six Short Plays

The colonel here--a man of blood and iron--there he sits quite calm next door to it. What sort of a physiognomy has it, anyway? I am told that is not uncommon amongst babies. Perhaps we could have you inform us, ma'am.

They seem all over its[At the slight recoil of everyone] I feel sure it's--it's quite a good baby underneath. That will be rather difficult to come at. I'm just a bit sensitive. I've very little use for affections of the epidermis.

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Does it suffer, do you think? I think it would have a nice expression--if--if it showed. Is it kind of boiled looking? Yes--yes, it is. Poor little thing! Shall I?