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Bras under that. Panties under bras. New things are next.

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Solid color bras and panties that I wear to work are in the last drawer. If I had to guess theres easily over pieces. A lot of times if friends come over I let them take something from the new drawer. Thanks x 8. May 13, 6. Thanks x 1.

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May 13, 7. A lot. May 13, 8. I only have 5 bra's because my titty size costs a lot and I gain and lose weight like no ones business. Sports bras 2, they're even more expensive so I just hand wash them. Undewear and socks, endless. I don't know where they dissapear to. I like to have a minimum of 1. Thanks x 2. May 13, 9. I can't even count.

Lets' just say I can got for at least a month without washing underwear. I tend to wear the same over again so I have underwear I have had for years and haven't worn in a long time. I really need to clean it out and donate or throw away some. May 13, I went through a period where i had to buy panties every month for like a year. An embarrassingly high amount. I'm legitimately obsessed with underwear, bras, and lingerie. You didn't ask, but 0 socks but about 7 pairs of stockings. From reading the above posts, I need to go shopping.

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I have two drawers full of underwear, but only four bras I keep in rotation. I have some bras that no longer fit, but haven't thrown out in hopes I lose weight, lol. I have over 40 pairs of panties, and 22 bras 3 are sports bras. I don't have to share a bathroom, so at any given time like eight bras are air-drying over the tension rod, LOL. I need to replace my collection. I have around 30 but they're starting to get holes lol. May 14, I have a thing for lingerie so I have around 40 matching sets and then probably another panties.

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May 18, But both he and Knickers are smaller than Italian chianina ox Bellino who has reached 6 feet, 7 inches. Knickers will live out his life in Pearson's fields in Lake Preston, southwest of Perth.

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We'll have to see what happens with that. Australia is a relatively small beef producer with 28 million cattle raised across million hectares. Its overall commercial livestock industry is one of the world's largest and includes 73 million sheep. Most beef exports go to Korea, Japan and the US.

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You can sign up to receive it directly here. To dehorn or not to dehorn: That is the question being asked of Swiss voters in a referendum on bovine well-being.

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Dehorning advocates say not doing so could be both dangerous and detrimental to the animals. Canberra has sold Kidman and Co to a consortium of mining owner Gina Rinehart and a Chinese property developer, avoiding that Australia's biggest land owner falls fully into the hands of Chinese investors. As sheep and cattle roam barren, broken land in a futile search for pasture amidst skeletal trees and cracked earth, these graphic yet artful images of New South Wales illustrate the desolation of drought.

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After more than nine years of talks, Australia and Indonesia have signed a free trade agreement. The deal had been delayed after Australia signaled its support for Israel, sparking outcry from Muslim-majority Indonesia.

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    Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. News Australian 6-foot steer Knickers escapes abattoir to become social media star The Holstein steer Knickers had normal-sized parents on the farm in Western Australia. Swiss vote on dehorning cows To dehorn or not to dehorn: That is the question being asked of Swiss voters in a referendum on bovine well-being.