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A changeling is a creature found in folklore and folk religion throughout Europe. A changeling was believed to be a fairy child that had been left in place of a.
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A score by Eastwood that doesn't underline but observes. The film simply tells its relentless story and rubs the LAPD's face in it. This is the story of an administration that directed from the top down to lie, cheat, torture, extract false confessions and serve to protect its image. In a way, it is prophetic. The Los Angeles Police Department, perhaps in part because it is unlucky enough to exist in Los Angeles, has often had a dark image in recent movies.

The Changeling

Consider " L. Confidential ," " Training Day ," " Lakeview Terrace. Yes, there are hero cops, but they're mavericks. Dirty Harry, for all his problems, might have admired this movie. Jolie, Malkovich and Geoff Pierson , as a lawyer who takes Collins' case before the Police Board, are very good at what they do very well. The character could not be adequately described on the page. Harner's mesmerizing performance brings him to sinister life as a self-pitying weasel specializing in smarmy phony charm.

He doesn't play a sick killer. He embodies one. The screenplay by J.

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Michael Straczynski follows the factual outlines of the story while condensing, dramatizing and inventing. A man like Northcott can never be explained, but much of his oddness may have emerged from his childhood. That, and his parents, are left out of the film.

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He didn't discover until later that his real parents were his sister and his father. Surely he sensed something was very wrong. This whole background of Northcott is wisely sidestepped by Eastwood; eerie as it is, it would have been a detour in the story's relentless progress.

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Northcott comes over in Harner's portrayal as a man like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer: irretrievably evil, inexplicable, unreachable from the sane world. You don't have to gnash your teeth to be evil. Profoundly creepy is more like it.

The Enduring Legend of the Changeling

Jolie plays Christine Collins without unnecessary angles or quirks. She is a supervisor at the telephone company, she loves her son, they live in a nice bungalow, all is well. She reacts to her son's disappearance as any mother would.

But as weeks turn into months, and after the phony "son" is produced, her anger and resolution swells up until it brings the whole LAPD fabrication crashing down. Malkovich as the minister is refreshing: He's not a sanctimonious grandstander who gets instructions directly from God, but a crusading activist.

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And one more thing: The phony boy's reason for pretending to be Walter. It almost makes you want to hug him. Every time Elizabeth would cry, Agatha would ask the figurines to take her away - yet grew increasingly angry as her pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. Deciding to spark the "fairies" into action Agatha took to starving young Elizabeth, when this failed to cause a response Agatha began to beat her daughter - continually asking the figurines to take her away.

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Remarkably, little Elizabeth survived three years of this torture, Agatha's cruelty only growing worse over time as she began to treat Elizabeth like an animal and boarded up most of the windows in the house so as to leave her in darkness for days on end. One night a frantic call came to the police as a neighbor reported a terrible noise from Agatha's home - when police arrived they had to resort to breaking the door down as Agatha refused to answer.

Once inside the police found Agatha standing over a terrified Elizabeth, having tied the child to a table and preparing to strike her with one of the fairy statues, having gathered many others in a disturbing circle around the table. Agatha was quickly apprehended and Elizabeth was saved, as she was led away Agatha claimed that Elizabeth was a monster, that her "real" daughter was with the "fairies" and that she had to get rid of Elizabeth in order to make things "right" again.

Following further investigation into Agatha's past authorities discovered that she had been a mother before but tragically lost her baby, which sparked her obsession with collecting fairy figurines - yet despite this she tried for another child a few years later and thus Elizabeth was born. Agatha is currently in a psychiatric ward, having been deemed a danger to society - little Elizabeth on the other hand has moved on, finding a new family and a life free from cruelty, though only time can tell what the events of those three years have done to her. Sign In Don't have an account?

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