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In this first-ever biography of Greer Garson, Michael Troyan sweeps away the many myths that even today veil her life. The true origins of her birth, her fairy-tale​.
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Excerpts from Bryan 's scores are included, as are photographs. Livingston documents her research in notes and a bibliography. Clearly intended for study at the academic level, this biography appeals to those interested in Tennessee history, folk music, Appalachian studies, and music education. Livingston includes rare stories such as Bryan 's construction of a "Turtle Uke" at age 12, and how his family sold Goodyear stock to aid in the purchase of an ancestral home shortly before the stock market crash of The text, filled with his fascinating life, flows easily without overloading the reader.

Some facts are repeated for emphasis and cohesion. A required purchase for Tennessee academic libraries supporting Appalachian culture, history, music and education programs. A supplemental purchase for those with a local history or Appalachian collection. Hicks Library Virginia Intermont College. New York : Columbia U Press, The journey begins in , with the first Radio Act regulating audio broadcasting.

The creation of nonprofit educational radio stations in s, the Educational Television Act of , the creation of National Educational Radio in , and a historically profound moment in when Dean Coston engineered a landmark communications bill, are a few of the milestones in the history of NPR. Soon after NPR was incorporated, on March 3, The book covers over 30 years of NPR's struggles and successes. McCauley focuses on financial problems—NPR's search for funding from the government, listeners, and private corporations.

McCauley describes how NPR's journalists attempted to balance personal intellectual ambitions with the realities of the marketplace and politics. Philosophical rifts between staff members, competition with commercial and state radio stations are also mentioned. Facts about the network's operations, program development, clarification of organizational mission or lack thereof , keeping abreast of new technologies, the Internet, etc. The author asks several important questions: are journalists forced to taint their ideals?

What does it take to survive in a highly competitive market requiring constant expansion to accommodate an increasingly wide and diverse audience? These programs reach an audience of more than 20 million every day, and in total more than 27 million.

McCauley's book truly outlines public radios struggles and triumphs. This book has a well-researched bibliography, notes with primary and secondary resources, and an index. This text, with Jack W. Michael P.

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McCauley is associate professor of communication and journalism at the University of Maine. Wanda M. Rosinski The University of Tennessee , Knoxville.

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McWilliams examines the culinary history of colonial America. The main focus of this fascinating story is on the history of American cooking origins. The book includes accounts of culinary development in the new colonies, peoples' attitudes, cultural, social and political influences, and descriptions of what was grown and who grew it. McWilliams describes the tastes and eating habits for each colonial region. He explores the interactivity between diverse cultures in the new world—English, German, Dutch, Native American, and African—and the effects of interactivity on culinary development.

Through negotiation of the unknown and unaccepted maize and pork for instance , and through interaction with African slaves and Native Americans, new American regional cuisines were born. The book is full of intriguing stories of how sugar, pork, corn, cider, beer, scrapple, rum, and many other foodstuffs that became the main diet of colonial America.

Food choices in each region were dictated by the culture of the new settlers, environment, availability of labor force, tools and equipment. The socio-economical spectrum and religious beliefs also played a role. There are many books and articles published on the subject of culinary history in the United States ; McWilliams' book is a rarity due to its concentration on a very specific topic narrowed to the time period of colonial America.

The book is scholarly and meticulously researched.

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Notes at the end of the book are in depth and explanatory. The book has an extensive bibliography and index. An abundance of primary and secondary resources, and reproduction of some for the first time historical illustrations would make this book an excellent addition to the collection of any university, college and public library.

The author earned his Ph. Rosinski The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Nashville: Vanderbilt U Press, ISBN: X. Many librarians experienced a variety of careers before finally settling on librarianship. Rather than experience a different career, Dr. Clifton K. Fresh out of medical school, Meador describes the beginnings of his career.

His idealism provides the notion that he will quickly diagnose the exact cause and logical cure for each of his patients' symptoms. Unfortunately, he soon learns that this is an impossible task for him or any doctor. George Engle and the bedside diagnostic practices of Dr. Joseph Sapira. Meador has written a book that provides excellent examples, lessons and techniques applicable to doctors, future-health care workers and anyone even librarians for providing the best service to their patients — whoever those patients may be.

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Gayla B. First encountering Parker at Elvis's funeral in , Nash followed his career ever since.

Mrs Miniver

She dug up a myriad of material relating to Parker's former life in Holland as Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk. While researching this book, Nash interviewed several members of Parker's family still living in Holland. Born in June in Holland, Parker left his native country in May veiled in a shroud of mystery. He disappeared without taking any of his belongings including his meager savings, clothes, identification papers, and even unopened birthday presents.

Over the years, a number of rumors have arisen to explain Parker's sudden departure. Though no evidence directly ties Parker to the crime, Nash believes that is impossible not to link him to the murder. Throughout the book, Nash provides readers with information about Parker's life in America.

Many details were pieced together from various interviews with members of Parker's family in Holland and his American assocites. Though there is no proof confirm ing the claim that Parker was in the Army, several photographs place him in Hawaii in the early s wearing military apparel. Nash's theories are supported by such photos.

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The Colonel is filled with a number of photographs of both Parker and Elvis. Pictures of Parker are from his childhood in Holland and when he first arrived in America. Several of the photos document Parker's personal life, including vacations with wife Marie, and outings with friends. Other features of the book include a bibliography and index. The Colonel is recommended for public libraries and anyone interested in learning more about Parker, the man behind Elvis.

Currently a feature writer for several newspapers, Nash's publications include five books, including two about Elvis Presley, Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia and The Colonel Rhea, Gordon C. In the spring of , General U. Grant and his armies met General Robert E.

A Rose for Mrs Miniver The Life of Greer Garson

Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. It was a lengthy battle in an area called the Wilderness. The battle was bloody, with Grant showing himself willing to sacrifice large numbers of soldiers in order to wear down his enemy. Lee, on the other hand, showed himself to be a brilliant defender.

Grant's armies were better supplied than Lee's and had better weapons, including the recently invented 7-shot carbine; but Lee had a reputation as a brilliant tactician; his commanders were better than Grant's, and his communications were superior. These factors made for a tightly matched battle.

At stake was the road to Richmond, capital of the Confederacy.

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The book shows how Grant lost the battle through many errors. First, he used his cavalry poorly; the cavalry was the ears and eyes of an army at that time; and he even allowed Sheridan, the cavalry commander, to separate entirely from the army for a raid toward Richmond.